Report: Philly would save millions by providing counsel for all tenants

11/14/2018, Report, Housing - Evictions

A new report by financial analysis company Stout concludes that if the City were to invest just $3.5 million annually to provide counsel for all low-income tenants facing eviction, it would receive a return of $45.2 million annually.  The report also found that only 7 percent of Philadelphia tenants are represented, compared to 80 percent of landlords, and that represented tenants are only displaced 5 percent of the time, compared to 78 percent of pro se tenants.


The report's release was covered by the Philadelphia Tribune, WHYY, CityLabPhiladelphia Weekly, KYW 1060 News RadioPlanPhillyNext CityLaw360, and Governing.



The NCCRC gave some input while the report was being drafted.