Right to counsel

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Legislation, Sterilization

Minnesota provides a right to counsel for those subjected to sterilization.  Minn. Stat. § 524.5-313(c)(4) specifies:


(i) [a guardian has “the power to give any necessary consent to enable the person subject to guardianship to receive necessary medical or other professional care, counsel, treatment, or service, except that no guardian may give consent for psychosurgery, electroshock, sterilization, or experimental treatment of any kind unless the procedure is first approved by order of the court as provided in this clause.

(ii) A guardian who believes a procedure described in item (i) requiring prior court approval to be necessary for the proper care of the person subject to guardianship, shall petition the court for an order and, in the case of a public guardianship under chapter 252A, obtain the written recommendation of the commissioner of human services. The court shall fix the time and place for the hearing and shall give notice to the person subject to guardianship in such manner as specified in section 524.5-308 and to interested persons. The court shall appoint an attorney to represent the person subject to guardianship who is not represented by counsel, provided that such appointment shall expire upon the expiration of the appeal time for the order issued by the court under this section or the order dismissing a petition, or upon such other time or event as the court may direct.

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