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Our interactive map allows you to see recent activity, established rights to counsel, NCCRC involvement, and NCCRC presence by state.

"There is no judge on this Court that believes in his or her heart or mind that justice is equal between the poor and the rich." - Judge Cathell, Court of Appeals of Maryland, in Frase v Barnhart
"Not only does the basic right guaranteed for criminal defendants in Gideon five decades ago remain not yet fully realized, it is also outrageous that there remains no guaranteed right to counsel in the civil context." - U.S. Senator Tom Harkin
"Criminal convictions may put one behind bars of steel, but losing a basic human need in a civil case can put one behind equally unbreakable bars of poverty and despair." - Michael S. Greco, past President, American Bar Association.
"Civil gideon is not an abstract term.  Rather, it involves real human beings who desperately need legal help to protect their rights and their liberties, so that they too can be part of the American Dream." - Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York
"Civil matters can lead to people losing their homes, their families, being confined in a mental institution or being thrown out of the country." - Walter Mondale, former Vice President
"I'm a good mother; I'm a lousy lawyer." - Unrepresented custody plaintiff in King v. King
"A defendant's right to counsel should not depend on whether a proceeding is labeled 'criminal' or 'civil' where the defendants liberty or other substantial rights are at stake." - John Gross, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Did you know...

that the National Center for State Courts found that three-quarters of all civil cases involve at least one unrepresented party?  As The Lawyerist astutely observed, “This isn’t a [justice] gap.  It’s a chasm.”


The NCCRC works to expand recognition and implementation of the right to counsel for indigent litigants in civil cases involving basic human needs. The 2016 Annual Report of the Public Justice Center (our host organization) discusses the NCCRC.


Want to find out about practically everything (media story, study/report, law review article, etc.) that's ever been written about the civiil right to counsel?  You'll find it in our bibliographies.