Civil Right to Counsel Resources


There are many different kinds of resources available on this website for you to explore:


  • Right to Counsel Bibliographies: If you want to see every law review article, study, report, social media piece, or other resource related to right to counsel, we've got it in our comprehensive bibliography. Or if you're looking just to get familiarized with the issue, we've got your covered in our intro bibliography.


  • Multimedia: want to watch/listen to some of the oral arguments in civil right to counsel cases, witness some of the panels or debates on civil right to counsel, or check out the NCCRC"s video series on the right to counsel on foreclosure?   That's all in our multimedia section.
  • NCCRC Publications: we've got links to lots of articles written by NCCRC staff or participants, as well as some great flyers and fact sheets.

  • Manuals: we have co-developed resources for those looking to start pilots and for judges exploring the power to appoint counsel in their state.

  • Flyers and Posters: we've got some materials about civil right to counsel available for distribution.

  • Links: check out other organizations with pages about civil right to counsel.


We've also got links to other civil right to counsel websites.  And don't forget about our interactive status map!