Mental Health and Immigration - Cases

  1. Franco-Gonzalez v. Holder, Case No. 10-CV-02211 (D. Cal 2010).

    1. amended Complaint available at

    2. Case docs are at

    3. ACLU Press Release, Federal Court Grants Class-Action Status to Unrepresented Immigration Detainees With Mental Disabilities (Dec. 20, 2011), available at

    4. Esha Bhandari and Carmen Iguina, Historic Decision Recognizing Right to Counsel for Group of Immigration Detainees, Huffington Post Blog (April 24, 2013), available at

    5. Cindy Carcamo, Judge: Immigrants Have Right to Representation, Orange County Register (Dec. 23, 2010), available at

    6. Cindy Chang, Mentally Disabled Facing Deportation Win Right to Free Legal Help, LA Times (April 25, 2013), available at,0,5342884.story.

    7. Paloma Esquivel, Detained Immigrants With Mental Illnesses Face Barriers in Court, LA Times (Feb. 7, 2012), available at,0,829027.story.

    8. Terra Lawson-Remer, Human Rights and Access to Legal Representation, Council on Foreign Relations, Development Channel (April 29, 2013), available at

    9. Anibal Ortiz, Hundreds of Deported Immigrants Could Return to U.S., Southern California Public Radio (Sept. 25, 2015), available at

    10. Julia Preston, In a First, Judge Orders Legal Aid for Mentally Disabled Immigrants Facing Deportation, New York Times (April 24, 2013), available at

    11. Catherine Saillant, U.S. Must Provide Incapacitated Immigrants with Lawyers, Judge Rules, L.A. Times (Dec. 27, 2010), available at

    12. Carol Smith, Is There a Right to Counsel?  Class Action Suit Represents Detainees with Mental Disabilities, Investigate West (Sept. 9, 2012), available at

  2. Matter of B-Z (2011) (BIA case involving mental illness): various materials for this case can be found at

  3. Matter of L-T (2010) (BIA case involving mental illness): various materials for this case (including the BIA's request for amicus briefs and the amicus briefs themselves) can be found at

  4. Matter of M-A-M (2011) (BIA case involving mental illness): the decision and commentary from the American Immigration Council can be found at