Debtor's Prison (Including Child Support Contempt) - Cases

  1. In re Custody of Halls (Halls v. Arden), 109 P.3d 15 (Wash. App. 2005).

    1. Docs from the Halls case:


      Appellant's brief

      CIRCLE amicus brief

      NWLC amicus brief


      Motion to publish

      Order to publish

  2. Liming v. Damos, Slip Copy, 2011 WL 2225067 (Ohio App. 2011).

  3. Miller v. Deal, NO. 2011CV198121 (Ga. Sup. Ct. 2011), class cert reversed, Deal v. Miller, -- S.E.2d ----, 2013 WL 1137007 (Ga.App. 2013), review granted, Miller v. Deal, NO. S13G1197 (Ga. 2013).

    1. Case briefs and other documents are at

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  4. Turner v. Rogers (Price), 2011 WL 2437010 (U.S. 2011).

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