NIJ study released on effect of counsel for DV victims

09/26/2016, Pilot, Domestic Violence - Alleged Victim

A multi-year, collaborative study funded by the National Institute for Justice and operated by the University of Iowa and Iowa Legal Aid focused on the impact of providing counsel for victims of intimate partner violence in protection order, custody, child support, and marriage dissolution cases.  The study found that after being provided counsel:

  • Women reported substantially less physical violence (a decrease of around 75%);

  • Women’s symptomatic responses to traumatic stressors, including intrusive thoughts, avoidant behaviors, hyperarousal, and depressive symptoms, significantly decreased;

  • Women’s economic situation improved from Wave 1 to Wave 3. Between Waves 1 and 3, women reported a statistically significant increase in the adequacy of their family resources as measured by the total FRS. Women also reported a decrease in difficulty living on their current income, an increase in monthly income, and a decrease in the number of assistance resources used.

The study report is now available.