Report makes case for universal representation for immigrants

06/20/2018, Report, Immigration

As the debate continues about separating families at the border, a just-released study from the New Jersey Policy Perspective showed some powerful effects from representation of immigrants in New Jersey.  Here are some key points (taken from the website):

  • In New Jersey, individuals detained for civil immigration violations are three times as likely to prevail in their cases when they have legal representation.  With legal representation, they are also twice as likely to be released prior to the end of their removal proceedings.
  • New Jersey employers pay $5.9 million in turnover-related costs annually as they are forced to replace detained or deported employees.
  • New Jersey’s economy would lose $18 million in wages and $1.6 million in total tax revenue annually from detained immigrants.
  • Annually, detentions and deportations cost New Jersey approximately $732,000 in child health insurance and $203,000 in foster care for children of detained or deported parents. This total annual cost of nearly $1 million does not include the long-term costs associated with child trauma, development, and health conditions from deporting their parents.

The release of the report has been covered by and The Observer and has linked the report to the push for “universal representation” for those in immigration proceedings.