All about Detroit's exploration of an eviction right to counsel

03/12/2019, Miscellaneous, Housing - Evictions

Ford Motor Co., others talk support for right to counsel


A couple of articles have touched on efforts in Detroit to establish a right to counsel.  Law360 profiled corporate leaders working on access to justice issues, and discusses Ford Motor Corporation’s commitment to getting a right to counsel passed.  And the Detroit Free Press discusses a pending ordinance that would "service 20% of individuals facing evictions each year for the next five years at a cost of $4 million."

Detroit holds summit on a right to counsel for tenants


A summit was convened in Detroit to explore the right to counsel in eviction cases.  The summit featured panels of City officials, funders, clients, and experts from around the country.  NCCRC Coordinator John Pollock served on one of the panels, as did Andy Scherer (RTCNYC), Jordan Dressler (NYC Office of Civil Justice), Hazel Remesch (Legal Aid Society of Cleveland) and Abby Staudt (Legal Aid Society of Cleveland).  Stout, which was one of the conveners of the event, has created a summit resources webpage featuring resources from other jurisdictions that were shared with the Detroit attendees.  


The summit was covered by The Detroit NewsDeadline Detroit, and Bridge Magazine.   



NCCRC Coordinator John Pollock moderated the panel of City officials and served on the national experts panel.