Legal services orgs tap CARES Act money for tenant representation

12/10/2020, Miscellaneous, Housing - Evictions

An increasing number of legal services programs have secured CARES Act funding to expand tenant representation.  These grants come from CDBG-CV, the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF), and Emergency Services Grants (ESG).  Examples include:

Atlanta ($150k CDBG-CV), Baltimore ($600k CDBG-CV), Chicago ($500k CRF, $500k CDBG), Cincinnati ($4k CDBG-CV); Clark County NV ($400k CRF), Cleveland ($700k CDBG-CV), Columbus ($250k CRF), Colorado ($350k CRF), Delaware ($100k CDBG from New Castle County, $50k CDBG from Sussex County, and $750k CDBG/$250k ESG from Delaware State Housing Authority for 2021), Detroit ($2.2 million CDBG-CV), Houston ($1 million CDBG county, $1 million CDBG city), Illinois ($225,000 CDBG-CV, $170,000 supplemental OAA Title III-B funding), Los Angeles ($3 million CDBG-V), Massachusetts ($12.3 million CRF), Michigan ($4 million CRF), Nevada ($400k CRF), Orange County NC ($42,950 CRF for 1/2 of atty salary) Pennsylvania ($8 million CRF, some of which is used for non-eviction cases), Rochester New York ($460k ESG), San Mateo County ($1 million CDBG), Texas ($4.2 million CRF, $500k ESG), Toledo ($100k CDBG), and Vermont ($550k CRF).  Virginia has appropriated $2 million from its own "COVID-19 Relief Fund" to match a $2 million grant from IKEA.

For more details on some of these examples and tips on how your jurisdiction might do the same, check out Civil Legal Aid Funding in the Time of COVID-19 in the MIE Journal, as well as our spreadsheet of details from some jurisdictions.