Webinar series will feature organizing around eviction right to counsel

02/01/2021, Miscellaneous, Housing - Evictions

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Webinar series ~ February 9 - April 6, 2021

Over the last four years, seven cities (large and small) have enacted a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction as a tool to fight mass eviction and displacement while building tenant power.  These victories have inspired an ever-growing number of cities and states to pursue right to counsel in their own backyards. Already in 2021, five states have introduced right to counsel legislation, and more state and city legislation is expected soon.

The National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC) and Right to Counsel NYC Coalition (RTCNYC) have provided and continue to provide support to these campaigns.  In doing this work, we’ve come to recognize that many people have the same questions about building local buy-in, organizing, bill language, scope of the right, cost/benefit analyses, data gathering, key stakeholders, and so on.

To help answer these questions, the NCCRC and RTCNYC are partnering on a webinar series from February to March that will spotlight jurisdictions that have enacted the right to counsel. Each session will feature speakers (organizers and lawyers) from a particular jurisdiction that has achieved a right to counsel, highlighting how they made it happen and teasing out which tools, tactics, and methods they found effective. At each session, there will be dedicated time for questions and answers. No matter where you are in your fight to establish a right to counsel for tenants, join us to ask your questions, mine for ideas, and begin building a stronger, more collaborative movement!


Session 1: An Introduction to the Tenant RTC Movement
FEB 9 | 3 pm ET

Check out the recording and the slide deck.

The initial session is an overview of the eviction right to counsel movement from an organizing and lawyering perspective and what the movement looks like today. In later sessions, we will spotlight four cities that have enacted the right to counsel to look closely at their campaigns, identify their successes and struggles, and highlight the tools, strategies, and tactics they used to pass the right to counsel in their jurisdiction. We strongly encourage those interested in the series to join for this overview, as it will cover some material that the later sessions will not.

Session 2: Baltimore
FEB 16 | 3 pm ET
Contact the NCCRC for details

Session 3: San Francisco
MARCH 2 | 3 pm ET
Register – San Francisco

Session 4: New York City
MARCH 16 | 3 pm ET
Register – New York City

Session 5: Cleveland
APRIL 6 | 3 pm ET
Register – Cleveland

We hope you can join us!

If you require Spanish translation, please contact Susanna at susanna@righttocounselnyc.org at least one week ahead of the event.



The NCCRC is co-hosting this event.