Charlottesville to provide counsel for most low-income tenants

06/15/2021, Miscellaneous, Housing - Evictions

The City Council recently committed to providing $300,000 in funding such that most low-income tenants can be provided with counsel.  These actions followed the Charlottesville Human Rights Commission, Charlottesville DSA, and Charlottesville Human Rights Commission, and Public Housing Association of Residents calling for the City of Charlottesville to establish a right to counsel for tenants.  However, the Council did not provide the $460,000 necessary to ensure all tenants have counsel, nor did they enact an ordinance codifiying this as a right to counsel.

Coverage of the debate in Charlotesville around right to counsel funding can be found in C-VILLE Weekly and WCNC.



The NCCRC has been advising the advocates seeking the right to counsel.