New York bill would provide statewide right to counsel for tenants

03/10/2022, Legislation, Housing - Evictions

UPDATE: reports released on cost of and need for right to counsel outside of New York City


Stout has released a report estimating that it will cost $144-$200 million to provide a right to counsel for all of New York State outside of New York City.  You can also check out a report fact sheet.


Additionally, a report from CSS NY examines the success of NYC's law and why it needs to be extended to the whole state.


UPDATE: Real State Board of New York, New York City Bar, NY Daily News endorse statewide right to counsel


The Real Estate Board of NY has submitted testimony in support of NY State right to counsel bill.


The New York City Bar released its 2022 legislative agenda, and one of its priorities is expansion of the City's right to counsel to be statewide.  Law dot com covered the story.


Additionally, an opinion piece in the NY Daily News urged the state to pass the eviction right to counsel given the expiration of the state's eviction moratorium and the limitations of the state's rental assistance program, stating that the right to counsel "will avoid a rubber-stamp eviction process once the moratorium expires."




AB 6678, introduced in May, would guarantee appointment of counsel for tenants in a variety of situations, including evictions and affirmative cases to enforce housing rights.  The bill looks to build on NYC's successful right to counsel program.  



The NCCRC gave input on the bill language.