Illinois creates immigration right to counsel task force

05/17/2022, Legislation, Immigration

In 2022, the Illinois Legislature enacted SB 3144, which declares that


It is the public policy of this State that all covered individuals should have the right to ongoing legal representation in covered proceedings. This right to counsel should include provisions of funds sufficient to ensure that
legal service providers are funded to:
(1) engage support staff, interpretation staff, and investigative staff;
(2) contract as reasonably necessary with independent experts, including country conditions experts and forensic medical experts; and
(3) contract as reasonably necessary with social service providers providing supportive and rehabilitative services to covered individuals during the course of their removal proceedings.
(g) This State should establish a program and a dedicated fund to provide the legal services described in subsection (f).


The bill then creates a task force to study how to implement such a right, with the task force being comprised by an assortment of government officials.  The task force report is due July 1, 2023.