Right to counsel

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Legislation, Adult Protective Proceedings - Protected Person (incomplete)

According to Del. Code. tit. 31 § 3909(a), an adult in need of protective services must be present at the hearing on a petition for involuntary services "unless the person has knowingly and voluntarily waived the right to be present or unless, because of physical or mental incapacity, the person cannot be present without endangering the person's welfare. Waiver or incapacity may not be presumed from nonappearance..." 


Regardless of whether the individual is present at the hearing, they have the right to counsel, and the court shall appoint counsel "[i]f the person is indigent or lacks the capacity to waive counsel[.]" Id.  If the respondent is indigent, the "reasonable attorney's fees, such as are customarily chaged by attorneys in this State for comparable services[,]" shall paid from the state's adult protective services budget "[t]o the extent that funding for this purpose is budgeted and available[.]" Id. 

Appointment of Counsel: categorical Qualified: no