Discretionary appointment of counsel

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Legislation, Abuse/Neglect/Dependency - Accused Parents

Mo. Ann. Stat. § 211.211 states that "[T]he court shall appoint counsel for the [child's] custodian if it finds . . . [t]hat the custodian is indigent[,] . . . desires the appointment of counsel[,] . . . [and t]hat a full and fair hearing requires appointment of counsel for the custodian."

In In re J.R., 347 S.W.3d 641, 645 (Mo. App. 2011), the court noted that "Several Missouri courts have taken the trial court's obligation a step further, and required that the trial court either appoint counsel for a parent or secure an affirmative waiver of counsel."

Appointment of Counsel: discretionary Qualified: no