Right to counsel - youth transitioning out of foster care

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Neb. Stat. § 43-4510(1) states:


If desired by the young adult, the young adult shall be provided a court-appointed attorney who has received training appropriate to the role. The attorney's representation of the young adult shall be client-directed. The attorney shall protect the young adult's legal rights and vigorously advocate for the young adult's wishes and goals, including assisting the young adult as necessary to ensure that the bridge to independence program is providing the young adult with the services and support required under the Young Adult Bridge to Independence Act. For young adults who were appointed a guardian ad litem before the young adult attained nineteen years of age, the guardian ad litem's appointment may be continued, with consent from the young adult, but under a client-directed model of representation. Before entering into a voluntary services and support agreement and at least sixty days prior to each permanency and case review, the independence coordinator shall notify the young adult of his or her right to request a client-directed attorney if the young adult would like an attorney to be appointed and shall provide the young adult with a clear and developmentally appropriate written notice regarding the young adult's right to request a client-directed attorney, the benefits and role of such attorney, and the specific steps to take to request that an attorney be appointed if the young adult would like an attorney appointed.

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