This page provides a breakdown of all major developments and right to counsel law that the NCCRC knows for this state, sorted by subject area. Click on either tab below to see the aspect it describes.

Abuse/Neglect/Dependency - Children

Bar Effort

ABA Adopts Model Act on Child's Right to Counsel


In 2011, the ABA endorsed the Model Act for Children in Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Proceedings, which covers right to counsel.


Nccrc_involvement_icon The NCCRC gave input as the Model Act was being developed.

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All Basic Human Needs


Bills on civil right to counsel dominate 2016 legislative sessions


Over two dozen bills that would establish or expand rights to counsel in civil cases have been filed in state legislatures across the country.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC spurred some of the bill introductions and is supporting others.

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Court Rule or Initiative

"100% Access to Justice" Initiative launched, includes civil right to counsel


A new "Justice for All Initiative" launched by national court leaders includes civil right to counsel as part of the plan.

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State supreme court justices talk civil right to counsel


At the LSC 40th Anniversary event, several state supreme court justices spoke favorably about the right to counsel in civil cases.

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Bar Effort

Comprehensive paper explores status, future of civil right to counsel


A paper requested by the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services explores the history and future of the civil right to counsel movement.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC provided input on the paper.

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ABA releases Model Act and Basic Principles for civil right to counsel


In 2010, the ABA released the Model Access Act and Basic Principles of a Right to Counsel in Civil Legal Proceedings.


Nccrc_involvement_icon The NCCRC provided substantive input in the drafting of these docs.

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U.S. rank on access to civil justice in Rule of Law Index drops to 94th out of 113 countries


The 2016 World Justice Project's Rule of Law Index ranked the U.S. 94th in the world on access to civil justice.


Nccrc_involvement_icon The NCCRC's John Pollock was one of the contributing experts to the report.

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Nat'l Center for State Courts: 3/4 of civil cases have one unrepresented party


A report by the National Center for State Courts reveals that at least three-quarters of all civil cases involve at least one pro se party.

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UNC Law School human rights report flags lack of right to counsel in civil cases


A new report by UNC Law School explains how lack of a civil right to counsel violates international human rights law.

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Lack of right to counsel affects minorities, says treaty body


The international body that enforces the CERD treaty urged the U.S. to address the impact of a lack of a right to counsel on people of color.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC contributed to the shadow report.

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Former AG Eric Holder calls for civil right to counsel


At the 2016 NLADA Exemplar Award Dinner, Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called for the right to counsel in civil cases.

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2016 Justice Index now features civil right to counsel


The updated Justice Index, which ranks the states on access to justice, now includes some factors relating to civil right to counsel.


Nccrc_involvement_icon The 2016 Justice Index relies on NCCRC data to answer some of the right to counsel questions.

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AP story featuring right to counsel, NCCRC picked up by Washington Post and NYTimes


A story by the Associated Press features civil right to counsel legislation across the country and the NCCRC.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC is prominently featured in the story and worked with the reporter who wrote it.

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NY Times features NCCRC, nationwide push for civil right to counsel


The New York Times discussed the nationwide push for civil legal aid and highlighted the NCCRC as well as efforts by some of its participants.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC pitched the idea of the story to the NY Times.

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Civil Forfeiture


Bipartisan call for legislative right to counsel in civil forfeiture cases continues to grow


Calls to reform civil forfeiture proceedings have come from all sides of the aisle, with legislation filed at the federal and state level.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC is providing support for some of the filed bills.

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Housing - General


U.S. gets "D" on access to counsel in housing cases


The latest Human Rights Report Card from NLCHP gives the United States a "D" on access to counsel in housing cases.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC provided expertise in support of the report.

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Housing Not Handcuffs campaign kicks off, features right to counsel


A new campaign to end the criminalization of homelessness features right to counsel in housing cases as a major policy platform.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC helped develop the right to counsel policy and presented during the HNH webinar.

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Bar Effort

ABA: all unaccompanied minors should get counsel


ABA Resolution 113 calls for the appointment of counsel for unaccompanied minors in all immigration proceedings.

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Report: represented immigrants far more likely to be released, win case


A new report by the American Immigration Council shows that represented immigrants are far more likely to be released and win their cases.

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Other Subject Areas

Model Act

Model Code for Education includes right to counsel


The 2012 version of the Model Code on Education and Dignity contains significant right to counsel provisions.


Nccrc_involvement_icon The NCCRC drafted the right to counsel provisions in the Code, as well as the explanatory Appendix.

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NCCRC participates in DOJ/White House meeting on debtor's prison


The NCCRC joined a December meeting convened by the Department of Justice and the White House about the rise of debtor's prisons.


Nccrc_involvement_icon NCCRC was invited to participate in the meeting.

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