ADA - Cases

  1. DiNapoli v. City of New York, 2008 WL 2695094 (S.D.N.Y. 2008) (unpublished).

  2. Graves v. Adult and Family Servs, 708 P.2d 1180 (Ore. App. 1985).

  3. Pacheco v. Bedford, 787 A.2d 1210 (R.I. 2002).

  4. Sidiakina v. Bertoli, No. 12-17235 (9th Cir. 2014).

    Docs from the case:


    Appellant's opening brief

    Appellant's motion for judicial notice

    State's answering brief

    State's request for judicial notice

    Reply brief

  5. Weems v. State Board of Industrial Appeals, NO. 44713-4-II (Wash. App. 2014).


    Case docs:


    Appellant's brief

    Respondent DOL brief

    Respondent BIIA brief

    Reply brief

    NJP amicus brief

    DRW amicus brief

    Fred Korematsu Ctr for Law and Equality amicus brief