Maryland AG creates access to justice task force, flags right to counsel

06/16/2020, Miscellaneous, All Basic Human Needs

As reported by the Maryland Daily Record and Maryland Matters, Maryland’s Attorney General announced the creation of an access to justice task force.  Of note:


On the list of considerations for the task force is the possible implementation of “Civil Gideon” — or the right to an attorney not just in criminal cases, but in civil matters, as well.


Frosh said the program would have a high price tag but would be worth it for the sake of Marylanders keeping their children and homes.  “If we could find the money, I, personally, would want to do it in a heartbeat,” he said.


Sarbanes said legislation surrounding Civil Gideon has been introduced in Congress within the past few months. 


Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) is on the advisory committee, and the “legislation surrounding civil Gideon” he mentioned includes the bill to address appointments in federal court that the NCCRC worked with him on to draft/introduce.