Right to counsel - quarantine

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Legislation, Quarantine/Inoculation of Individual

In the event of a catastrophic health emergency, as defined in the Public Safety Article § 14-3A-01, the Secretary of Health may "...may order an individual or group of individuals to go to and remain in places of isolation or quarantine until the Secretary determines that the individual no longer poses a substantial risk of transmitting the disease or condition to the public..."  Md. Code Ann., Health-Gen. § 18-905(a)(1)(ii); see also, Md. Code Ann., Public Safety § 14-3A-04.  The Secretary shall issue a directive to the individual or group.  Md. Code Ann. § 18-906(a); Md. Code Ann., Public Safety § 14-3A-05(a).

The individual, or group of individuals, can request a hearing to contest the isolation or quarantine.  Md. Code Ann. § 18-906(b)(1); Md. Code Ann., Public Safety § 14-3A-05(c)(1); Md. Rule 15-1103(a).  The Court can consolidate individual claims into group claims if several factors are met, including whether "entire group will be adequately represented in the consolidation."  Md. Code Ann. § 18-906(b)(7)(iv); Md. Code Ann., Public Safety § 14-3A-05(f)(1)(iv).  "The court shall appoint counsel to represent individuals or a group of individuals who are not otherwise represented by counsel."  Md. Code Ann. § 18-906(c); Md. Code Ann., Public Safety § 14-3A-05(f)(2); Md. Rule 15-1104(a). 

When there is no catastrophic health emergency, the Secretary of Health can issue directives for persons with communicable diseases to isolate or quarantine. See Md. Code Regs.  There is no discussion of the procedure to contest the order in this context. 

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