Major developments


This page lists all of the most recent developments on civil right to counsel across the country. These could be newly created rights to counsel, significant publications, public events, advocacy efforts, or other things that don't fit into a neat category.

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ABA releases Model Act and Basic Principles for civil right to counsel


In 2010, the ABA released the Model Access Act and Basic Principles of a Right to Counsel in Civil Legal Proceedings.

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Right to counsel of terminations extends to appeals, Indiana Supreme Court says


The Indiana Supreme Court held the statutory right to counsel for parents in terminations of parental rights cases extends to appeals.

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Michigan Supreme Court dodges case on right to counsel in termination cases


The Michigan Supreme Court declined to review a case where the trial court failed to appoint counsel for a parent in a termination case.

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Tennessee legislature extends right to counsel for parents to adoption proceedings


The Tennessee legislature amended the code to extend the right to counsel to parents in adoption proceedings.

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Federal court rules Georgia children have right to counsel in deprivation cases


A federal court found that the Georgia Constitution required counsel for children in deprivation cases.

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MD high court avoids question of right to counsel in custody cases


The Maryland Court of appeals narrowly avoided addressing whether parents have a right to counsel in custody cases.

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