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This page lists all of the most recent developments on civil right to counsel across the country. These could be newly created rights to counsel, significant publications, public events, advocacy efforts, or other things that don't fit into a neat category.

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The NCCRC celebrates Fair Housing Month


As the Fair Housing Act celebrates its 56th anniversary, we at the NCCRC take a moment to acknowledge its critical role in housing justice.

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Appellate court finds withdrawal of mother's attorney violated fundamental fairness


An appellate court reversed termination of a mother's parental rights where the trial court allowed her attorney to withdraw the day of trial.

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Right to counsel


There is a right to counsel for respondents in civil commitment proceedings, including for juveniles and developmentally disabled persons.

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Discretionary appointment of counsel or GAL


The court may appoint counsel or a guardian ad litem for a minor in a private custody dispute arising in a divorce.

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Lawsuit challenging failure to appoint lawyers for foreclosed NY homeowners settles


A lawsuit by the NYCLU challenging the failure of NY courts to determine whether foreclosed homeowners should be appointed counsel has settled.

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NEW RESOURCE: advancing racial/health justice through RTC


A new policy brief explores how to advance both racial and health justice through a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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All about Washington State's groundbreaking eviction right to counsel


In April 2021, Washington State became the first state with a statewide right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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All about the right to counsel for evictions in NYC


NYC is the first jurisdiction in the country to establish a right to counsel for low-income tenants in eviction cases, and is looking to expand.

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Reaction to RAND op-ed in LA Times


Our Coordinator responds to a piece in the LA Times by a RAND economist attacking the idea of a tenant right to counsel.

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NY bill would guarantee counsel in all immigration removal cases


A statewide bill in NY would provide a right to counsel for both detained and non-detained immigrants in removal proceedings.

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All about Cleveland's eviction right to counsel


A bill guarantees counsel to Cleveland families with children facing eviction who are at or below 100% of the federal poverty level.

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AZ bill would have provided counsel to individuals in matters related to child abuse registry


A bill would've provided a right to counsel to persons in child abuse registry matters, but the provision was removed.

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MO legislature to consider several bills that would provide client-direct counsel for kids


The MO legislature is considering several bills that would change a child's right to an attorney GAL to the right to client-directed counsel.

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HI introduces legislation to reform fees provision


Two 2024 bills would prohibit the court form assessing costs for minor's representation against minor or their parents.

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All about the eviction RTC in Maryland


In May, Maryland became the second state to provide a statewide right to counsel for indigent tenants facing evictoin.

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All about Connecticut's eviction right to counsel


In May 2021, Connecticut became the third state to enact a statewide right to counsel for indigent tenants facing eviction.

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Chattanooga tenant rep pilot demonstrates impressive results


A report examining Chattaooga's Eviction Prevention Initiative found that tenant representation improved outcomes in a variety of ways.

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Indiana introduces bills to provide a right to counsel for certain children in abuse cases


The Indiana legislature has introduced several bills that would reform the law around the right to counsel for children in abuse matters.

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New Jersey introduces bill to study impact of lack of counsel in DV matters


A bill introduced in 2024 would create a task force to study the impact of lack of counsel on domestic violence matters.

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Nebraska introduces a bill to reform forfeiture proceedings


The bill would provide criminal defendants who are represented by appointed counsel with the right to counsel in any related forfeiture case.

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All about right to counsel efforts in Tulsa OKC


Tulsa and Oklahoma City are exploring a potential right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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All about the tenant right to counsel in Kansas City


Kansas City has enacted an ordinance guaranteeing counsel for all tenants facing eviction regardless of income.

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PA joins majority of states in establishing RTC for guardianships


There is a right to client-directed counsel in guardianship establishment, modification, and termination proceedings, regardless of ability to pay.

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All about Philadelphia's eviction right to counsel


The Philadelphia City Council has enacted a right to counsel for tenants.

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All About D.C.'s RTC pilots


The D.C. Council appropriated $4.5 million for housing eviction defense with an eye towards a right to counsel in housing cases.

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Federal funding for tenant rep / right to counsel


An increasing number of legal services programs have tapped a number of different federal funding pots to expand tenant representation.

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All about Houston's right to counsel pilot programs


A project provides all tenants counsel in certain Houston housing courts.

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U.S. rank on access to civil justice in Rule of Law Index: 116th out of 142 countries


The 2022 World Justice Project's Rule of Law Index ranked the U.S. 116th in the world on access to civil justice.

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U.S. gets "C-" on access to counsel in housing cases


The latest Human Rights Report Card from the National Homelessness Law Center gives the United States a "C-" on security of housing tenure.

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All about the eviction right to counsel efforts in Los Angeles


Los Angeles City and County are moving towards enacting laws providing a right to counsel in housing court.

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