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This page lists all of the most recent developments on civil right to counsel across the country. These could be newly created rights to counsel, significant publications, public events, advocacy efforts, or other things that don't fit into a neat category.

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Ballot initiative would expand Denver's enacted right to counsel


Denver has enacted an ordinance to guarantee counsel for tenants facing eviction, and there is also a pending ballot initaitive.

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Conservatees entitled to counsel upon communicating their wish to terminate conservatorship.


Conservatees have a right to counsel in seeking to terminate a conservatorship.

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U.S. hears from advocates on access to justice and CRTC


Meetings between U.S. representatives and access to justice advocates highlighted many issues, including civil right to counsel.

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New NCCRC/CityHealth report highlights eviction right to counsel; webinar in Sept


A report by the NCCRC, CityHealth, and Enterprise Community Partners covers housing policies advancing health equity, such as right to counsel.

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Richmond VA eviction reports reveal power of counsel


Reports find that Richmond eviction cases are incredibly short and that tenant counsel has a profound effect on outcomes.

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California creates CARE Program for mental health


Respondents in CARE proceedings have a right to counsel.

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KY appeals court: denial of counsel for noncustodial parent was reversible error


The Kentucky Court of Appeals held that the failure to appoint counsel in a dependency proceeding required reversal of the termination order.

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Michigan court: effective assistance of counsel needed for civil commitments


A Michigan Court of Appeals held that respondents in Michigan civil commitment proceedings are entitled to effective assistance of counsel.

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Right to counsel but no such proceeding


Though a minor seeking to bypass the parental consent requirements for an abortion has the right to counsel, abortion is effectively banned.

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San Francisco ballot initiative establishes DV right to counsel pilot


A 2022 ballot initiative, Proposition D, creates a 1-year pilot to provide a right to counsel for San Francisco victims of domestic violence.

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Illinois creates immigration right to counsel task force


An enacted 2022 bill creates a task force to study implementation of an immigration right to counsel, with a report due in 2023.

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ACLU/NCCRC report flags eviction's harms, RTC's promise


A joint report by the ACLU and NCCRC reviews the data on the widepsread consequences of evictions and right to counsel's impact on the problem.

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Nebraska study reveals lawlessness of evictions, impact of counsel


A new report found evictions in Lancaster County often violate the law and that counsel makes a huge difference.

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New Orleans joins ranks of cities with tenant right to counsel


In May 2022, the New Orleans City Council enacted an ordinance to provide a right to counsel for all tenants facing eviction.

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PA report urges statewide eviction right to counsel


A report from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center urges the state to fund a right to counsel for tenants statewide.

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Discretionary appointment of counsel


A 2022 law changed appointment of counsel for birth parents in adoption cases from mandatory to discretionary.

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Right to counsel


A minor who files a petition to marry is entitled to counsel.

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Colorado adds right to counsel for older children in abuse/neglect cases


In 2022, Colorado added the right to client-directed counsel for older children in abuse/neglect cases.

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Lakewood Ohio considering tenant right to counsel


An ordinance introduced in Lakewood Ohio aims to make the city the third in Ohio to provide a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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Discretionary appointment under "exceptional circumstances"


The Indiana Supreme Court recently found that, under exceptional circumstances, courts may appoint counsel for individuals whose property is subject to forfeiture.

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New York bill would provide statewide right to counsel for tenants


Building off of NYCs success, a new bill would guarantee counsel for low-income tenants across New York State in a variety of situations.

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All about Boulder's eviction right to counsel


In Nov 2020, voters in Boulder Colorado approved a ballot initiative establishing a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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MA high court avoids question of right to counsel in DV cases


The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts declined to answer whether indigent defendants are entitled to counsel in protection order cases.

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All about the right to counsel for tenants in San Francisco


A ballot initiative passed in June 2018 guarantees counsel for San Francisco tenants in eviction cases regardless of income.

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California high court working group calls for tenant right to counsel


A report by a working group created by the Supreme Court of California Chief Justice calls for a statewide tenant right to counsel.

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NCCRC recognizes the eviction right to counsel movement's movers and shakers


In January 2022, We celebrated the eviction right to counsel movement and its leaders.

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Colorado appellate court recognizes right to counsel in contempt cases post-Turner


The Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled that indigent parents in child support contempt cases pursued by the government have a right to counsel.

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MD high court: right to counsel for patients facing forced medication


The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that involuntarily committed patients objecting to medication have a right to counsel.

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WA report finds improved outcomes, cost savings w/kid counsel


A new research report finds that children with counsel in child welfare cases have improved permanency outcomes and the State saves money.

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Ithaca joins cities with universal tenant representation


Ithaca has passed a resolution supporting the right to counsel for tenants and provided an annual appropriation.

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