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This page lists all of the most recent developments on civil right to counsel across the country. These could be newly created rights to counsel, significant publications, public events, advocacy efforts, or other things that don't fit into a neat category.

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Massachusetts legislation would establish statewide eviction right to counsel


Bills have been filed to create a statewide right to counsel in eviction cases, and a statewide coalition has been launched to support them.

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Seattle becomes eighth city with eviction right to counsel


A bill enacted by the Seattle City Council provides a right to counsel for all low-income tenants facing eviction.

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PA Superior Court: appointed counsel must represent so long as there is a likelihood of imprisonment


The PA Superior Court instructs that on remand, so long as there is a likelihood of imprisonment, appointed counsel must continue to represent.

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Supreme Court of Hawaii ruling strengthens parents’ right to counsel in child welfare cases


The Supreme Court of Hawaii has ruled that parents must be appointe counsel for all types of child welfare cases upon filing of the petition.

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Houston will guarantee counsel for some tenants


A new project will guarantee tenants counsel in certain Houston housing courts.

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Policy brief makes case for universal representation in immigration


A policy brief by the Vera Institute shares compelling statistics justifying the creation of a universal representation program for immigrants.

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All about Cleveland's eviction right to counsel


A bill guarantees counsel to Cleveland families with children facing eviction who are at or below 100% of the federal poverty level.

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Webinar series featured organizing around eviction right to counsel


A webinar series hosted by the NCCRC and the Right to Counsel Coalition of NYC featured organizing efforts around right to counsel.

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Minnesota joins states with statewide RTC bill


A newly filed bill would provide a right to counsel for public housing tenants facing an eviction for an alleged breach of lease.

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Indiana considering tenant right to counsel for Marion County


A pending bill would guarantee counsel for tenants facing eviction in Marion County Small Claims Court.

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Mississippi pilots show significant benefit of counsel in child welfare cases


A recent Mississippi study showed that parents benefit significantly when given access to legal counsel.

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Nebraska bill would create right to counsel for all tenants


A new bill would require courts to appoint counsel for all tenants in eviction cases.

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Maryland AG Task Force recommends RTC for evictions


The Maryand Attorney General's Access to Justice Task Force released a report recommending a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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Trial court found to have abused discretion in failing to apopint counsel for parent


A Louisian appelalte court reversed an adoption because the trial court failed to determine if the birth parent was entitled to counsel.

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South Carolina bill would provide right to counsel for tenants


A newly-introduced bill would guarantee counsel for indigent South Carolina tenants facing eviction.

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Right to counsel


There is an arguable right to appointed counsel in sterilization proceedings.

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Federal stimulus/budget bill has money for tenant representation


The relief/omnibus bill passed by Congress in December 2020 has several pots of money for enant representation.

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Supreme Court of Ohio recognizes right to counsel in adoption cases


The Supreme Court of Ohio ruled that indigent parents in adoption cases have a right to counsel under the Equal Protection Clause.

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PRIORITY BILL: counsel in DV cases


Two bills would a create legislative task force to study appointment of counsel for DV victims.

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PRIORITY BILL: counsel in guardianship cases


A proposed bill would require appointment of counsel for the protected person in guardianship cases, rather than it being discretionary.

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Boulder becomes 6th city with eviction right to counsel


In Nov 2020, voters in Boulder Colorado approved a ballot initiative establishing a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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MA to provide counsel to tenants statewide


Massachusetts will provide $12.3 million to provide counsel to tenants across the state.

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AAAS highlights right to counsel in civil justice report


The American Academy of Arts and Sciences released a report highlighting efforts to expand the right to counsel in civil cases.

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About COVID-19 and the right to counsel


All about COVID-19 and how it relates to the right to counsel in critically important civil cases like housing.

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Rochester NY to provide counsel for all tenants


Rochester NY will be providing counsel to all tenants facing eviction.

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All about the eviction right to counsel efforts in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is exploring whether to enact an ordinance providing a right to counsel in housing court similar to New York City.

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Federal bills would fund state/local attorneys for tenants


Bills introduced in the House and Senate would provide federal funding for cities and state to provide counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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Sen. Harris files federal right to counsel bill


Sen. Kamala Harris filed a comprehensive housing reform bill that would, among other things, provide a right to counsel for tenants.

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New tool predicts expected # of eviction filings due to COVID-19


A new tool shows the number of rent-unstable renter households in the U.S. as well as how many eviction filings that may lead to.

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MD court: threat of incarceration makes right to counsel attach


A Maryland appellate court held that statutory law entitles civil contempt defendants to counsel when they are threatened with incarceration.

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