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This page lists all of the most recent developments on civil right to counsel across the country. These could be newly created rights to counsel, significant publications, public events, advocacy efforts, or other things that don't fit into a neat category.

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All about Boulder's eviction right to counsel


In Nov 2020, voters in Boulder Colorado approved a ballot initiative establishing a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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MA high court avoids question of right to counsel in DV cases


The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts declined to answer whether indigent defendants are entitled to counsel in protection order cases.

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All about the right to counsel for tenants in San Francisco


A ballot initiative passed in June 2018 guarantees counsel for San Francisco tenants in eviction cases regardless of income.

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California high court working group calls for tenant right to counsel


A report by a working group created by the Supreme Court of California Chief Justice calls for a statewide tenant right to counsel.

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All about Cleveland's eviction right to counsel


A bill guarantees counsel to Cleveland families with children facing eviction who are at or below 100% of the federal poverty level.

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NCCRC recognizes the eviction right to counsel movement's movers and shakers


In January 2022, We celebrated the eviction right to counsel movement and its leaders.

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Colorado appellate court recognizes right to counsel in contempt cases


The Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled that indigent parents in child support contempt cases pursued by the government have a right to counsel.

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Connecticut is third state with eviction right to counsel


In May 2021, Connecticut became the third state to enact a statewide right to counsel for indigent tenants facing eviction.

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MD high court: right to counsel for patients facing forced medication


The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that involuntarily committed patients objecting to medication have a right to counsel.

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U.S. rank on access to civil justice in Rule of Law Index drops to 126th out of 139 countries


The 2020 World Justice Project's Rule of Law Index ranked the U.S. 126th in the world on access to civil justice.

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Legal services use fed. funds for tenant rep / right to counsel


An increasing number of legal services programs have tapped a number of different federal funding pots to expand tenant representation.

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WA report finds improved outcomes, cost savings w/kid counsel


A new research report finds that children with counsel in child welfare cases have improved permanency outcomes and the State saves money.

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Ithaca joins cities with universal tenant representation


Ithaca has passed a resolution supporting the right to counsel for tenants and provided an annual appropriation.

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Minneapolis is 12th city to guarantee counsel for tenants


Minneapolis has enacted an ordinance providing a right to counsel for low-income tenants facing eviciton.

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Baltimore becomes 7th city with tenant right to counsel


The City of Baltimore has enacted a bill to provide all low-income tenants facing eviction with counsel .

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CA joins states guaranteeing counsel in conservatorship cases


A 2021 change to the law guarantees appointment of counsel in conservatorship cases. California statutes require appointment of counsel in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, but there are conditions.

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Arkansas adds limited right to counsel for parents in adoptions


A court must appoint counsel for a birth parent, but only for certain types of adoption and only with respect to filing or revoking consent.

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Treasury, HUD, AG urge right to counsel for tenants


A combined press release from the Treasury Department, HUD and AG"s Office urged states to use federal funding for right to counsel for tenants.

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Texas app ct: dismissal of appointed atty due to alleged non-indigence was improper


A Texas Court of Appeals found error in a trial court's decision to dismiss a parent's appointed counsel on the grounds of non-indgience.

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SD Supreme Court impoves child's right to counsel


The South Dakota Supreme Court has said that attorneys for children must inform courts of a child's wishes in child welfare cases.

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Minnesota makes parent counsel mandatory in abuse/neglect cases


A 2021 bill changed the law such that appointment of counsel for parents in abusen/neglect cases is mandatory, not discretionary.

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All about right to counsel efforts in Tulsa


The City of Tulsa is exploring a potential right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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Milwaukee County to provide counsel for all tenants facing eviction


Milwaukee County has passed a resolution in support of right to counsel and appropriated sufficient funding to make that happen.

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Charlottesville to provide counsel for most low-income tenants


The City Council has committed to providing funding such that most low-income tenants can be provided counsel.

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Nevada guarantees counsel for minor respondents in DV cases


Nevada enacted a law providing that minors who are respondents in domestic violence protection order cases are entitled to counsel.

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Washington Post editorials focus on right to counsel


The Washington Post ran an editorial series on the right to counsel.

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New polling data shows strong support for eviction right to counsel


Data for Progress has released new polling data showing the American public strongly supports a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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New Jersey joins ranks of states considering tenant right to counsel


A bill has been filed that would provide a statewide right to counsel for indigent tenants facing eviction.

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WA State guarantees counsel for most children in child welfare cases


As the result of 2021 legislation, most Washington State children are now guaranteed independent counsel in child welfare cases.

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WA State guarantees counsel for children in termination cases


As the result of 2021 legislation, Washington State children are now guaranteed independent counsel in termination of parental rights cases.

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